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Know Your Rights

Keep Quiet
Everyone knows you have the right to remain silent, but you would be surprised how many individuals volunteer information that incriminates them.

Get A Good Lawyer
You also have the right to an attorney. You should have no conversation or communication with the police or prosecutors until you have consulted with an attorney. You should only discuss the case in the presence of your attorney.

Never Consent To A Search
Never consent to a search. If a law enforcement agent attempts to search you, your possessions, home or automobile you should verbally protest the search and make it clear that in no way are you consenting or cooperating in any way. This is your right.

The Police Are Not Your Friends
Don’t believe the police when they tell you, “We’ll go easier on you if you cooperate.” All ‘deals’ should be made between your lawyer and the prosecuting attorney. In most cases, police officers do not have the authority to make a deal which is binding on the prosecution.