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Child Pornography

If you believe you will be charged with possession of child pornography, it is important you contact an attorney immediately.

Typically, a defendant becomes aware that he may be charged because law enforcement has, through a search warrant, confiscated either their computer or cell phone.

The seriousness of the charges will depend on whether the defendant is simply charged with having pornography in their possession or also charged with sharing it with others.

It is not unusual for those convicted of these types of crimes to receive substantial prison sentences. There is a possibility of sentences even up to 40 years. There is also the risk that a defendant may being charged not only in state court but also federal court.

If you learn that you may be charged with such a crime, it is critically important to not give a statement to the police. Many times, such an accused believe that if he talks to the police that the state will go easier on them. Very seldom is that true. You should always talk to a lawyer and have a lawyer present if you have any discussion with the authorities.

In most of these kinds of cases, an investigation begins with the police searching a defendant’s computer, cell phone, social media accounts, etc. A first line of defense is oftentimes to raise whether the search itself was legally valid, to ask the question whether the authorities crossed the line in accessing the defendant’s information.

For example, sometimes more than one person has access to a particular computer or electronic device. If so, the question becomes whether the defendant had actual knowledge that there was child pornography in his possession.

At Harper & Harper, as in any criminal case, we will sit down and discuss the charge(s) with you. Our initial consultation is free. During such a discussion, we will evaluate the alleged charges, then quote a fee and determine whether payment arrangements can be made.

At Harper & Harper, if you’ve been charged with possession of child pornography, or if you believe you may be charged, we can help. Call our office at (219) 762-9538.

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