Specialized Driving Privilege(s)

There are numerous reasons why your Indiana driver’s license may be suspended. Whether your driver’s license is suspended for failure to provide proof of insurance, due to a pending criminal case such as an OWI/DUI or for any other reason, such a suspension can be a serious hardship and impact your ability to earn a living and provide for yourself and your family.

Indiana law allows individuals whose licenses are suspended to petition the Court for ‘Specialized Driving Privileges.’ A Specialized Driving Privilege used to be referred to as a ‘Hardship License’ but the Indiana Legislature recently enacted the Specialized Driving Privilege statute.

These privileges, if granted, generally allow an individual with a suspended license to drive to and from work on specific days and during specific times. In some circumstances, the Court may grant the right to drive to other locations, including to and from the grocery store, medical appointments, children’s school, etc.

Not everyone whose license is suspended qualifies for a Specialized Driving Privilege. Harper and Harper has, however, helped hundreds of individuals petition the Courts for such Specialized Driving Privileges.