Dog Bites

Dog bites in the USA “are most likely to involve a dog in the home or one known to the family. Dog bite-related injuries are associated with high medical costs. A significant number of individuals presenting to hospital emergency departments for dog bite injuries are hospitalized, requiring surgical procedures and extended pharmaceutical treatment. It is estimated that the annual cost of dog bites is approximately $165 million. Complications associated with these injuries include nerve damage, pain, infection and death.”

“Research into the incidence of dog bites consistently finds that the rate of dog bite injuries is higher among children, especially boys aged 5–9 years. From 2005 to 2009… boys account[ed] for 53% of the injuries and the highest rates observed among children ages 5–9 years. The increased prevalence among children is especially troubling given that this population appears to have the highest rates of serious injury from dog bites. Multiple studies investigating fatal dog bites find that the majority of victims are children.”

“While the prevalence of dog bites has decreased in recent years, this costly and largely preventable injury remains a concern. [M]ost of the incidents are characterized by preventable factors, including failure to neuter and owners’ history of abuse or neglect of dogs involved in biting incidents, as well as the absence of able-bodied persons to intervene. Approximately 86% of dog-related injuries at home are triggered by child-initiated interactions with the dogs.” (Holzer KJ, Vaughn MG, Murugan V. Dog bite injuries in the USA: prevalence, correlates and recent trends Injury Prevention 2019; 25: 187-190).

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